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Introduction of me!

I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself to start off ... then other people can. Heh.

My name is Rebekka(Rebbie). I am the list-mom, or maintainer of the group and website.

I love anime, manga, music, movies, tv. I love to draw, write, read, daydream, etc. In the group I plan to moderate, write, draw, comment, and beta! So, if anyone needs a beta, let me know. I like talking to people and stuff, so if you want to chat, drop me a line. I'm currently in college. My major is in the middle of being changed to I'm not exactly sure yet. Lol. I'm female. Umm, what else? Single *blink* but that's nothing new, tehe. I'm bisexual, and I LOVE slash and femme-slash. I like some het too, but slash is my fave! I really don't know what else to say. Hmm.

I have a story about Fred and George called 'The Ball' I was thinking of posting it on here just so there will be a story up. Lol. It's short and sweet. :P I've already written a couple of pages of the challenge I claimed, so that's good. :) Well, now on to the other members. I know you're out there. Lol. :D

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