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The Weasley Slash FQF

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Sunday, April 15th, 2007
11:32 am - Hi all

I thought I'd post an introduction as I've just joined.
I am Integra Anyanka Malfoy, but call me Anya.
I am Lucius' little sister (in real life I am a music shop girl).
I was really just curious about this place but thought I might come and have a look.
I may start writting as well. I think some of the challenges have some very interesting possiblities.
Darkest wishes

current mood: cheerful

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Monday, April 2nd, 2007
10:53 pm

Title: The Ball
Rating: PG
Summary: The night of the ball has arrived. Many couples eagerly wait for what will happen, and some even plan to give away a ring. What will happen to the twins and who will they go with?

I decided to upload this like I said I might.Collapse )

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
12:40 am - Introduction of me!

I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself to start off ... then other people can. Heh.

My name is Rebekka(Rebbie). I am the list-mom, or maintainer of the group and website.

I love anime, manga, music, movies, tv. I love to draw, write, read, daydream, etc. In the group I plan to moderate, write, draw, comment, and beta! So, if anyone needs a beta, let me know. I like talking to people and stuff, so if you want to chat, drop me a line. I'm currently in college. My major is in the middle of being changed to I'm not exactly sure yet. Lol. I'm female. Umm, what else? Single *blink* but that's nothing new, tehe. I'm bisexual, and I LOVE slash and femme-slash. I like some het too, but slash is my fave! I really don't know what else to say. Hmm.

I have a story about Fred and George called 'The Ball' I was thinking of posting it on here just so there will be a story up. Lol. It's short and sweet. :P I've already written a couple of pages of the challenge I claimed, so that's good. :) Well, now on to the other members. I know you're out there. Lol. :D


current mood: artistic

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Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
11:20 pm - Claiming a challenge

Hey! I'm claiming challenge #1. I had it before the yahoo group died, so I'm going to finish it, because I love the ideas I came up with for it. Anyone may go ahead and claim a challenge if they want. Here's a link to all the challenges:


There has been one other challenge claimed so far, and it was on yahoo groups, so I will mention it here. Challenge #25 by Lupe T.

To anyone who is here from the group: If you had a challenge from before the group died, please re-claim it. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

Also, for anyone who was interested in helping with graphics. I know I got two offers, now is the time. I need a picture for the background of the community. It needs to have basically a red theme. I'd also kind of like something other than Fred and George ... well, that is all we have so far, but it can be them if someone really wants. Last of all, I think it should be limited to a rating of R or lower. Heh. Of course.

The other graphic help I'd like, is I need advertisements! Anyone feel free to send me anything on that. A picture, a nice sounding phrase that has something to do with the fest, anything. Thank you for your time.

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Monday, February 26th, 2007
9:50 pm - Welcome one and all!

This is the official welcome message. I'm still trying to figure out the layout, and what I'm going to do about links and challenges and stuff. Lol. Anyways, welcome to the group. You may go ahead and take a trip to the website to look at the challenges. Right now there aren't any that have been claimed. Anyone may post a challenge idea, and anyone may claim a challenge at the moment. I hope to be done with the specifics soon, and then I want to promote a little. All members feel free to start promoting ... I think there's only two at the moment though. Lol.

I will leave another OOC message when everything's up and running. Thank you!


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